Create a Business Email for Free

How to Create a Business Email for Free

How to Create a Business Email

Are you interested in creating a business email address for free? If you own a business, it is important to have a business email because It looks more professional and helps build trust with your clients as compared to that of the often-used Gmail or Yahoo email.

In this article, we’ll show you step by step how to create a business email successfully for free with your own business name linked to it. You’ll have your business email up and running in less than 5 minutes.

What Is a Business Email?

A business email uses your business name (private domain) instead of a public domain name. For eg. If your business name is Mybusiness and your domain name is, your business email will look like whereas a public domain would have @yahoo, @gmail, @aol in the domain section.

This simply means, In order to get a business email, you’ll first need to have a registered domain name online for your business. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have a domain name, once you have a business website you already have a domain name.

In case you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, try to purchase a domain that is easy to spell and memorize. Also when selecting a domain extension, try to go in for the top-level domains (TLD) such as a .com, .org, or .net. But mostly a .com is much preferred.

All you’ll have to do next will be to create an email to match your domain. The process is very easy and simple. This is what we’ll be covering in this post so keep reading.

Advantages of Having a Business email address:

  • You get a professional-looking Email address as compared to a Gmail or Yahoo address
  • Having your brand name on your email helps build trust
  • You can automatically forward your emails to as many email addresses as you’d like
  • Each time you send a message with your business email, you promote your brand.

What Are The Requirements to Create a Business Email Address?

The first thing you’ll need to have is a domain name. The second thing you’ll need is web hosting or basically a website. Once you have a website you already have both web hosting and a domain name.

There are actually two ways of creating a business email, one of the methods won’t require you to have Webhosting but that method isn’t free. This article is about teaching you how to create a business email for free. This means once you have a website, you basically have all the requirements and should be good to go.

A business email can also be referred to as a Webmail. So anytime the term ‘webmail’ is used in a sentence in this tutorial, do not get confused because it’s basically the same thing.

Depending on the web hosting platform you use, the procedure for creating webmail might be a little different. But it should be almost the same with every WebHost that uses Cpanel.

Without further ado, here are the complete step-by-step instructions to create your business email address for free in Cpanel.

Step 1. Login to your Webhosting account and access your Cpanel. In your Cpanel dashboard, scroll to the Email section and click on ‘Email accounts’. The email accounts section allows you to create, edit and manage your mailboxes.

how to create business email adress

Step 2. Scroll over to the empty box where to says ‘email address and put in the first word you’ll like in front of your domain name. For eg. If you want your email address to look like, Put in the word ‘manager’ in the empty box.

Step 3. Now it’s time to create a password for your business email to secure it and prevent it from potential hackers. This step is very important. Add your secure password in the empty box where it says ‘password’ and click ‘create email account’.

Depending on the Webhosting Cpanel interface and settings your host provides, there may be slight differences in the steps but it is pretty much the same procedure. For the host, I use, a random password is generated automatically once the user clicks on ‘create email account’. The user can, later on, modify the password after the email has been created.

Step 4. After your email has been successfully created, You’ll be able to see it in your email accounts section. To access your webmail, follow step 1, and scroll till you see our email, then click on ‘access webmail’. You will automatically be re-directed to your email dashboard.

You can also use the steps below to access your Webmail for Cpanel users:

  • Go to (replace ‘’ with your actual domain name)
  • Put in your email address and password and click on ‘login’.
  • Select from any of the three Webmail applications: horde, Roundcube, or SquirrelMail.

You’ll be redirected to the management dashboard of the email address you created. This is where you can manage all emails coming in and going out. You can send out, receive, and forward emails to anyone anywhere.

Are Business Emails Free For Life?

To make things clear, having a business email is only free once you have purchased a domain name and web hosting. Meaning as long as you own your domain name and web hosting, your business email will be free for you.

So let’s assume you’ve purchased a domain and hosting for 5 years, It means once you create your business email, you’ll have it for free for 5 years till you renew your domain and hosting package.

It is not exactly possible to have an email with a private domain like for completely free without purchasing a domain name. In case you do not want to spend a cent on getting your business name linked to the end of your email address – You’ll have to go in for the free emails provided by the Top search engines like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail…etc these emails that end in, @hotmail, or, are completely free but look rather unprofessional.

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