15 Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today

Considering all the changes taking place in the world, you may have some free time on your hands and want a side hustle or another source of income. Here are 15 business ideas that you can start from home right now, as well as useful resources and tools to help you get started from home and earn some passive income.

We have selected some of the best passive income ideas that can help you generate a consistent income stream.

1. Get paid to write content for your favorite blogs and websites.

Today, Keywords and SEO are so important that almost every business is looking to put out more content in order to grow its business. Equipped with the right resource tools, you can create a stream of passive income that when properly managed and being consistent, will set you on financial freedom. 

Useful Resource Tools: 

  1. Become an expert on resumes.

The majority of people continuously strive to enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profiles attract an employer. In our increasingly digitized world, job seekers are turning away from the classic headhunter persona and seeking out experts to help them with their job search.

Writing resumes is an art and a good way to make money as you are adding value to someone seeking employment or just updating their resume or CV. Using the old-fashioned way required human labor and was very costly. This new method is inexpensive and efficient (online resume builder).

In this way, you will add value to your services not only by editing resumes but also by teaching job seekers how to write resumes in order to get better jobs. By doing this, you can create passive income.

Free Resume Builder Tools – 

  1. Launch a Youtube Channel.
Here are 15 passive income ideas to consider. Your next step is to choose one and begin building your passive income business today.

If you have a camera, you can have your own Youtube channel. The videos you make will be watched thousands of times, so take advantage of this and provide value to your audience. A YouTube channel is free and one of the easiest side hustles you can do from home, you can upload videos and monetize them with ads to earn passive income.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1. Sell online courses.

In today’s business climate, businesses seek to optimize their skill-set by learning relevant & exciting content they can use to help them perform their current or future jobs better. The first step is to spend some time learning about the topic you want to teach. Then you can create an online course then offer an online course that teaches people how to improve their businesses and pursue their goals.

If you want to sell online courses, the first thing you need to do is figure out how you’re going to deliver the content.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant for busy professionals.

Over the years, virtual assistants have been in high demand and have grown in popularity. There’re many different types of jobs (e.g. administrative support, content writing, event planning) that can be done remotely as a virtual assistant.

We’ve listed some free marketplaces for you to sign up with in order to do work.

Useful Online Workplace:

  1. Become a Virtual Fitness Trainer

In order to feel confident and boost productivity at work, professionals are prioritizing fitness. Many are unable to find the time or money to go to a gym or studio to work out, so they do their workouts at home. However, without guidance, it can be difficult for them to achieve the results that they want. 

With the closures of gyms and set protocol, individuals are looking to fulfill their daily workout requirements at home and need a little bit of guidance, that is where you come in to provide virtual training via video or training app.

Useful Resource Tool:

  1. Become an Instagram Influencer

The simple act of documenting your lifestyle and uniqueness on Instagram can enable you to build your own brand and create your passive income. By building your brand and identity, other brands can pay you to promote their products, and your social media presence can become a substantial source of income and lifestyle.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1. Launch a software agency

To launch a product successfully, technical knowledge is the most critical. Many entrepreneurs lack the technical know-how to build an app or bootstrap a website on their own and need assistance, and the following resource provides guidance on creating your own app without coding experience.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1. Become a freelance proofreader today!

As businesses produce a large amount of content each day, they want to ensure that their content is presented well and grammatically correct.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1.  Set up a web design agency

A professional website will help any potential customer or client to gauge your business by looking at your website. A new website will help small businesses look for experts in web design and SEO to optimize their offerings and grow their business. With dedication and consistency, you can register with Udemy or Skillshare to get teaching on how to become a web designer.

  1. Start a blog and work from home.

With the right tools, you can create a successful and profitable blog from home. Starting your own blog can seem scary. But don’t be afraid! You already have everything you need, right now, to start blogging for money. I won’t try to sell you the idea of blogging. If this sounds interesting, keep reading. If it doesn’t, no worries! You can stop here and check out how to get free traffic to your site.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1.  Sell an ebook and watch your income grow.

When you can’t get published in book form, write an ebook. Self-publishing is one of the most profitable ways to dispose of information. You don’t need to compete with other authors, because there are so many titles that people don’t mind if they’ve already read what you’re selling. If your book does well, you won’t even need an advertising budget. Just set up a website and put links to your ebook in the author bio section.

Useful Resource Tools:

  1.  Become a Social Media Consultant.

A business’s marketing strategy revolves around social media. Almost every business is always looking for ways to increase its social media presence and create a powerful voice in the industry.

Social Media Consultants advise businesses on how to use social media marketing and this role includes talking with customers and suggesting changes to their current social media accounts.

  1.  Start a meal delivery service for busy people.

We live in a world today where individuals want easy, healthy & quick access to their meals. A meal delivery service idea might begin on your couch and eventually become a food distribution business. The opportunities are endless so take action now.

  1. Do you have something to say? Start a Podcast.

It is quite simple to start a lucrative podcast – know your audience and decide the type of content you will produce (like interviews, discussion, etc.).

Useful Resource Tools:


There’s no more need to dream about passive income – these 15 business ideas can start generating passive income for you today

You can make money by using your unique talents and skills to build something of value (such as a book, video course, software, etc.). Or you can outsource tasks and work that you’re good at.

Which business idea sounds the most appealing? My favorite is selling products online – software that has recurring revenue… You can start a business on a shoestring budget by using tools like Shopify, NameCheap, and Bluehost. They have affordable plans with everything you need to get started!